Anthony Chin

President Director, Global CEO & Founder MGICLUB International

- Former Royal Malaysia police officer

- Sales director for Asia Pacific region of Australian Magna Industrial Ltd

- MLM founder in Philippines with total group sales of over USD 3 Million in the first year (1997)

- Entrepreneur since 2005

- Supplier for Honda Astra Motor Indonesia 2005 – 2015

- Global CEO & Founder of MGICLUB International from 2016 - present

- Deputy Chairman of IONSPEC FOUNDATION

Dr. Soon Lee Fong

President of MGICLUB & Inventor of IonSpec & NanoSpec Medical Spec

- Chairman of Hong Kong Vision Foundation

- Chairman of Malaysia IonSpec Foundation

- Chairman of Malaysia Floater Eyes Society

- Chairman of Glaucoma Social Program Movement

- Spokesperson of Glaucoma Society

- Chairman of Juvenile Myopia Prevention Program Movement

Aric Chin

Global Chief Operation Officer (COO)

He started his career as a professional sales and marketing officer for a leading company in Singapore and Malaysia. He is linked to business across the globe in terms of consultation, strategy arrangement, and implementation of solutions which have generated improvements that have never happened before in productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth. He highly believes in innovation and creativity and focuses on solutions and services which provide additional values to human life. In MGIClub Global, he will ensure all members are prosperous and properly served.

Bram Liem

Global General Manager

He graduated in 2010 from a well-known university in Jakarta majoring in Information System and has been familiar with the network business sector since senior high school.

He started his career in 2011 at one of leading network marketing companies and has currently been serving various strategic positions in several MLM companies in Indonesia, even to Singapore and Malaysia when he was 23 years old.

He is also an MLM consultant for several national / international corporate clients in Indonesia and some countries in Southeast Asia.