What Is Ion?

What Is Ion?

Before we discuss Negative Ion in details, we need to know that in life, we have 2 ions namely NEGATIVE ION and POSITIVE ION. We need to know some of both ions. The good ions are negative ions, not positive ions. Positive ions inside our bodies are dangerous and it has to be relieved with an ion therapy.

What is Positive Ion and why is it bad for health?

Positive ions can be obtained in cities with high pollution level. Positive ions are bad and give negative impacts to your health.

Positive ions are small molecules containing positive charges. Most of them are in form of pollution, toxic chemicals, pollen, fungi, pet fur, and other hazardous chemicals in the air. Everything contains positive electric charges which make them positive ions.

Positive Ions provides adverse effects to human health. Every day, we are surrounded by positive ions from electromagnetic fields created by computer, cellphone, and other electronic devices which can harm brain functions and lower immunity system leading to symptoms such as: anxiety, breathing difficulty, fatigue, headache, irritability, lack of energy, and acute diseases like heart attack, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and cancer.

What is Negative Ion and why is it good for health?

When we are passing by or entering a place where rain has just fallen, forest, sea, waterfall, we often feel fresh and refreshing sensation. Studies have shown that the air in those environments has high negative ions. Negative ions in such level can enhance cell metabolism and improve vitality, regulate autonomous nerve system, recover fatigue, improve appetite, and others. Therefore, negative ions are “air vitamins”, ‘Su-life’, and other names. The amount of negative ion is one of criteria of fresh air. Air molecules under high pressure or strong light are generated by free electronic access ionization to most of oxygen. Therefore, negative ions are often called floating oxygen.

As illustrated above, negative ions provide additional electrons to free radicals. These atoms are now neutralized. Free radicals have been surrounded by negative ions. It reduces disease risks and your diseases.

The functions of Negative Ions for human body

Experts believe that a person needs 130 million negative ions and our environments such as house, office, and other places can only provide around 100 million negative ions which can easily cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. The increase of oxygen absorption by lungs for over 20 percent from 5 percent anion carbon dioxide 14 is confirmed to have medical proficiency to kill bacteria and becomes an effective way to cleanse the air. Since anion mechanism binds bacteria, bacteria have to change their structures or transfer energy cause the death of bacteria, final decrease in Shen land. Anion and also positive ions in air. With dusty air, smoke, virus, bacteria, and other combinations. Activation, air cleansing, sterilization, except tobacco, besides dust roles. Water electrolysis after the access to the roles of surfactant lowers water molecules. Water molecules get smaller or filter the water to remove impurities. It not only tastes good, but also improves penetration.

The negative effects to human health are primarily reflected in the following sectors :
(1) Smoke, dust, air structure improvement: negative ions can quickly clean air from positive ions, like dust smoke and cigarette smoke, reduce pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory morbidity.

(2) Recovering heart and lungs functions: anion and oxygen absorption enhances exhaust gas emission with good anti-hypertension effects, encouraging a person to improve better work efficiency.

(3) Metabolism: a body with numerous negative ions can activate enzymes, enhance metabolism, and improve sleeping quality.

(4) Increase the body’s resistance to disease: negative ions can improve body responses and increase resistance against diseases.

(5) Preventing allergies that cause fever, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract mucosa, play the role of remission or healing.

(6) Anions have a preventative role in diseases such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, angina, dizziness, migraine, neurasthenia, heartburn, diabetes, anemia, burns, upper respiratory tract infections

Other Functions of Negative Ions:

1. Increase productivity

2. Increase body vitality. Negative ions in the air enter the human body through respiration and skin pores. These ions enter all cells in the body through bloodstream. The body can break down lactic acid into harmless substances (water and lactate ions) which are easily carried by the bloodstream to a disposal location (when the body is tired and tense, lactic acid in the body will be confined in cells which causes pain).

3. Negative ions have the ability to increase the work of the spleen to produce auto immune. Automatically, the body is able to deal with various incoming viruses to prevent influenza and other viral diseases that can affect our health.

4. Negative ions can cleanse the air and is good for health. They function to kill viruses and bacteria in the air around us.

5. Purify blood. With minerals in the ionized blood, it becomes alkaline to purify the blood.

6. Cell vitality. When negative ions increase in the blood, the ins and outs of cell membrane continues smoothly to animate cells.

7. Increase the endurance of Globurine. The immune component in blood serum increases which also increases prophylactic force.