Now, drinking quality ionized water gets easier!!

The first and only nano water stirrer with 4 contents in the world!!

Containing *Negative Ion, Far Infrared, Nano Silver, and Organic Germanium*!

MGI-NANO STIRRER !!! (1 pack contains 6 pcs)

MGI Nano Stirrer will assist to break Water and Oxygen molecular clusters to be SMALLER and SOLID, so they are EASIER to be absorbed by body and its far infrared content generates vibration with water molecules to ionize and ACTIVATE water molecules, making WATER IONIZED and ENERGIZED.


of MGI Nano Stirrer :

  • Assisting detoxification and body acidity level (pH) balance
  • Assisting to enhance oxygen in blood and preventing dehydration
  • Enhancing blood circulation and body metabolism rate
  • Assisting to ease defecation and relieve digestive problems
  • Making the body not easily tired and improving concentration
  • Assisting to dissolve sugar in the body for diabetic patients
  • Assisting to lower cholesterol / uric acid rates after around 2-4 months
  • Washing your face with iON Stirrer will make facial skin smoother and softer.

How to Use

MGI Nano Stirrer :

  • Soak 4 - 6 pcs Nano Stirrer continuously in a bottle of cold, cool, or warm mineral water (500-1000 ml) and, within 5 minutes, the ionized water is ready to drink
  • For maximum result, drink 2.5 liters of water soaked with 6 pcs Nano Stirrer every day

Download Product E-Catalog

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After downloaded (android users) find the pdf at files > docs