What Is Germanium?

What Is Germanium?

Germanium is a non-metallic mineral / material that has naturally strong semiconductor characteristics. It was discovered around 1986 by a German scientist named Clemens Winkler. It is named Germanium because it was found in Germany.

Germanium has 4 electron shells and 32 electron shells. The electrons released from molecules in germanium produce power similar to electricity, which will enrich the electric current in the human body, making us feel refreshed. Compared to Silicon or Tourmaline, Germanium is the best material for semiconductors as natural characteristics since it is available at room temperature while others require a certain level of impact before they can be semiconductors.

The world's first transistor created by Bell Laboratories in 1947 was made of Germanium! However, due to scarcity, the material was less suitable. Silicon is currently used widely in the semiconductor industry. Germanium is widely used in fiber optic, speakers, and infrared equipment.

Benefits of Germanium for human health

  • Prevent the formation of free radicals in the body
  • Increase hydrogen ions
  • Prevent metabolic disorders in the body
  • Prevent the decline in immune system
  • Increase oxygen supply
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Increase metabolism
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Activate brain cells
  • Activate endorphin hormones
  • Destroy cholesterol
  • Function as a semiconductor
  • Regulate electromagnetic symptoms in the human body
  • As an analgesic / pain reliever
  • Prevent rheumatism
  • Detoxify heavy metals
  • Reduce liver toxicity
  • Release endocrine hormones
  • Generate SIMGJ and Negative Ions
  • Stabilize nerves
  • Normalize blood pressure & pulse
  • Remove impurities in the body
  • Prevent cell aging
  • Interferon secretion
  • Prevent the growth of cancer cells
  • Prevent disease
  • Increase body immunity
  • Regulate hormone secretion
  • Prevent various diseases