An Eye Mask with 4-in-1 contents - The First and Only One in the World

Relieving Eyestrain & Dry Eyes in 10 Minutes!

MGI Ionized Eyemask from MGI are equipped with Germanium stone, Far Infrared  (FIR), nano silver, and negative ion embedded in its fabric fiber using nanotechnology from Germany. Quite effective to relieve eyestrain, dry eyes, and irritation shortly and assist detoxification on eyes.


of MGI Ionized Eyemask :

  • Streamlining blood circulation around eyes
  • Relieving metabolism disorders of eye organs
  • Enhancing oxygen amount for eye freshness
  • Reducing disorders on tired and stiff eye muscles
  • Relieving head, neck, and shoulder pain symptoms due to electromagnetic radiation
  • Assisting to relieve various eye disorders such as myopia / hypermetropia / cylinder, and other eye disorders

How to wash and maintain

MGI Ionized Eyemask :

  • Don't wash with a washing machine
  • Soak in water using mild soap (recommended mild baby soap)
  • Gently brush the surface and the inside of the Ionized Eyemask using a toothbrush that has been smeared with soap
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight