Definition Of FIR (Far Infra Red)?

Definition Of FIR (Far Infra Red)?

It is part of sun ray. The sun produces rays which are distinguished in their color spectrum of visible and invisible rays. One of the invisible rays is ultraviolet ray located in the violet color spectrum. The other invisible rays are the X-ray, Gamma Rays and Cosmic Rays, which have shorter wavelengths than Ultraviolet ray and, when uncontrolled, they are very dangerous for human life other creatures.

Infrared rays (infrared ray - IR) are also invisible rays located on red spectrum, close to the spectrum of visible rays. It can be said that 80% sun ray is infrared ray due to the wide wave range of this ray (0.75-1000 microns). Infrared rays are grouped into 3 zones: near infrared ray (0.75-1.5 microns), middle infrared ray (1.5-4 micron) and far infrared ray (FIR 4-1000 micron).

The latest study on Biotechnology found that Far Infrared Ray (FIR with wavelengths between 6-14 microns) plays an important role in the formation and growth of living creatures. For this reason, infrared ray is also called Bio Genetic Rays.

All living creatures on Earth are always composed of water molecules and complex proteins. Water molecule is always unstable. If the water molecule is oxygenated with a wavelength between 8-10 microns (it is the wavelength of water oscillation), a kind of instability vibration (resonance) will occur.

The resonance causes the ionization of water to be Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxyl (OH-) ions to occur at a very high speed (10/12 seconds). This ionization is called "Water Activation". If this activation process occurs throughout the entire human body, cell metabolism and the process of removing the rest of cell metabolism become more active and effective to produce amazing cell development.

Infrared rays from the sun have wavelengths between 3.5 and 10 microns and infrared ray which has a wavelength of 6-14 microns is bio genetic ray which is very important in human life (we receive this ray every day from the sun with all the rays in the spectrum of sun ray).

Why do we need Far Infrared in life?

As we know, the sun also emits various kinds of rays. Therefore, if we get exposure to sun rays, we also get other rays that are actually dangerous, such as Cosmic Rays, X-Rays, Ultraviolet Rays, Micro Rays, Gamma Rays, radio waves and others. Some types of rays like Ultraviolet Ray can cause skin cancer and various other diseases. Therefore we need something that can replace or create something that can produce FIR.

Effectiveness of FIR Rays :

  • Reduce blood acidity
  • Maintain and increase the freshness of the body
  • Facilitate blood circulation
  • Improve metabolism
  • Prevent bacterial culture
  • Assist growth and development
  • As a deodorant
  • Maintain body warmth

Benefits of Bio FIR Rays

  • Assist the circulatory system
  • Assist to relieve migraine and vertigo disorders
  • Assist to relieve asthma and bronchitis
  • Assist to relieve sinusitis
  • Assist to improve sexual ability
  • Assist to relieve rheumatism and gout
  • Activate cells and increase metabolism
  • Reduce the risk of cancer due to free radicals
  • Assist to remove bad odor
  • Assist to remove toxins in the blood
  • Assist to relieve coronary heart disease
  • Assist to relieve high blood pressure or low blood pressure
  • Assist to relieve digestive, liver, and stomach function disorders