MGI Nano Anti Radiation Sticker

Electromagnetic radiation prophylactic with 3 contents

The First and Only One in the World

Warding free radicals from various electronic devices

1 pack contains 6 pcs

Be Careful, the danger of electromagnetic radiation is threatening us.

Did you know that electronic devices in your houses generate harmful electromagnetic waves to body? The use of electronic devices for long time makes you get exposed to EMF radiation from the electronic devices which affect your life. EMF is a type of non-ionization radiation or radiation whose energy is not sufficient to ionize atoms or excite electrons. In line with the advance of the age and ease to meet living needs, human has yet to know the danger of electronic devices used in daily life such as: HANDPHONE, TELEVISION, LAPTOP, MICROWAVE, AIR CONDITIONER (AC), LAMP, HAIRDRYER, FAN, and other electronic devices.


of MGI Nano Anti Radiation Sticker :

  • Filtering and warding electromagnetic radiation up to 95%
  • Negative Ion Power 3000 - 4000
  • Preventing chronic diseases due to radiation such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, hepatitis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and other diseases

How it works

MGI - Nano Anti Radiation Sticker :

Its 3000 to 4000 negative ion power functions to neutralize electromagnetic waves.

Suitable for various electronic devices

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