With 4 Contents and 6 Super-Comfortable Layers

Every 2 minutes across the globe, a woman dies due to cervical cancer. Every 4 minutes in Asia, a woman dies due to cervical cancer. Beware! Cervical cancer is quite deadly!

As the current best solution, the first, and only one in the world, this panty liner with nanotechnology contains negative ion, far infrared (FIR), Organic Germanium, Nano Silver, with bamboo charcoal chip material and uses 100% organic cotton (without chemicals) from MGI namely MGI Nano Silver Pantyliner.

Comparison of MGI Pantyliner with Common Panty Liner

Common Panty Liner : No Technology
MGI Pantyliner : Nanotechnology from Germany

Common Panty Liner : No natural material to remove bad odor
MGI Pantyliner : Comfortable without bad odor since it uses natural materials

Common Panty Liner : Using materials from Used Paper / Wood Powder
MGI Pantyliner : Using materials from 100% organic cotton

Common Panty Liner : Contains high acidity level
MGI Pantyliner : Neutral to prevent from skin sensitivity

Common Panty Liner : Containing whitening substance, fluorescence, and dioxin which cause cervical cancer, cyst, myoma, vaginal discharge, and others
MGI Pantyliner : Not containing chemicals

Common Panty Liner : Having no therapeutic contents
MGI Pantyliner : Containing Negative Ion, Far Infrared, Nano Silver, Organic Germanium, Bamboo Charcoal Chip


of MGI Nano Silver Pantyliner :

  • Relieving vaginal discharge, irritation, and removing bad odor
  • Formulating biological enzymes and enhancing metabolism
  • Maintaining acidity level (pH)
  • Enhancing secretion and internal immunity
  • Resisting the life of viruses and bacteria
  • Preventing inflammation
  • Preventing prostate cancer for men
  • Preventing cervical cancer
  • Reducing menstrual pain / cramps
  • Reducing and preventing genital darkening


6 Super-Comfortable Layers :

  • Using highly soft organic cotton material
  • Bamboo charcoal fiber with negative ion and far infrared (FIR), Nano Silver, and Organic Germanium
  • Dust-free layer with better softness and comfort
  • Air-through layer to release moist air, remove bad odor and bacteria growth
  • Hygienic and food-grade layer which is quite ergonomic
  • Open the liner for easier removal

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