MGI NANO BELT with 4 Contents
The First and Only One in the World

MGI - Nano Health & Slimming Belt is equipped with Far Infrared (FIR) attribute, Nano Silver, Organic Germanium, and also negative ion. It has numerous stone grains which contain high far infrared that can provide relaxation effect. Contains natural tourmaline mineral which can release Far Infrared (FIR) and negative ion. The far infrared wave it releases is 7-14nm, a very suitable dose to be accepted by human body.

The heat of Far Infrared (FIR) in MGI Nano Belt can assist to remove pathological process, inflammation through body nerves and formation, accelerate the recovery of physiological balance, reinforce antibody, activate the functions of body immunity cells, reinforce phagocyte functions in white blood cells and reticular dermis cells, and also prevent inflammation and bacteria attacks.

The heat effect of far infrared can also enhance skin temperature, reduce the sensitivity of sympathetic nerves, release vasoactive substance, widen blood vessel, accelerate bloodstream, enhance blood circulation, enhance tissue nutrition, activate tissue metabolism, enhance oxygen supply in cells, enhance oxygen supply in blood, and enhance cell regeneration ability.

The heat effect of far infrared enhances micro circulation, determines collateral circulation, enhances cell membrane stability, regulates ion concentration, enhances osmotic pressure, assists to accelerate toxin release (detoxification), and accelerates the absorption of exudate which leads to inflammation.

The heat effect of far infrared can reduce nerve-end stimulation, enhances blood circulation, and can reduce pain.

Negative ion is a vitamin in the air which can reinforce bone piezoelectric polarization phenomenon, promote bone proliferation which is helpful to remove non-useful osteolysis, perform normal transformation, recover the physiological needs of bone, recover pathological bone strength line, enhance bone cell metabolism function, and can significantly reduce evisceration, lumar disc herniation, and rheumatoid  arthritis.

The negative ion content of Germanium will assist blood purification, balance positive and negative effects, and lower fatigue and exhaustion. Germanium is also good for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pain, osteoporosis, fatigue and lethargy, and prevent HIV AIDS virus. Germanium is also used to enhance blood circulation to brain, support body immunity system, and as an antioxidant (anti-cancer).

Other functions

of germanium are :

  • Permeating far to tissue, warning muscles in pain areast
  • Relieving muscular strains
  • Reducing lumbar disc herniation
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Relieving back pain

How to wash and maintain

of the MGI Nano Belt :

  • Don't wash it with a washing machine
  • Soak in water using mild soap (recommended mild baby soap)
  • Gently brush the surface and the inside of the Nano Belt using a toothbrush that has been smeared with soap
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

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