MGI Nano Body Shaper

Wear Only Underpants/shaper With High Quality!!! That Is Shappening, Tighthening, Sanify, Beautify Appearance, And Comfortable

MGI Nano Body Shaper Made with German Nano Technology! Content and Materials: Cotton, Modal fiber, nylon, spandex, polyamide fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, lyocell fiber, silver nanofiber, far infrared, negative ion, germanium and tourmaline minerals

Benefits :

  • Helps in body shappening
  • The outer layer provides appropriate pressure for the lower abdomen to streamline fat so it doesn't sag out for better blood circulation.
  • Far Infra red helps blood circulation.
  • High elasticity fabric fibers able to help shape and slimming the thighs so that fat doesn't look lost/bulging out, helps in lifting the hips by retaining fat in within the thighs and makes the buttocks looks fuller.

Made with

high quality materials!!

  • Sweat Blocking Material
    Maximum sweat absorption, comfortable, cool with good ventilation.
  • Anti Microbacterial & odor
    Prevent odor and kill mycobacteria
  • Eco-Sensitive Technology
    Safe, soft and comfort for every type of skins
  • Hexagone-Circle Hole
    The fabric base material is soft to the touch of your skin, and it provides breathable pattern that allow your skin to breath and feel fresh throughout the day.
  • Hydrophilic Tech
    Quick dry cloth to maintain your skin softness

Download Product E-Catalog

 E-Catalog pdf

After downloaded (android users) find the pdf at files > docs

Washing Instructions:

  • Simply hand wash with mild detergent and water below 40℃.
  • Avoid twisting or folding during drying to protect the shape.
  • Do not expose under the sun.