Men's medical therapy underwear specially designed to protect the Men's reproductive organs, kidneys and digestion. Manufactured with German nano technology!

Contains Germanium, Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Nano silver which are knitted and embedded throughout all fabric fibers. The fabric fibers materials includes bamboo charcoal, Modal fiber, and 5% spandex.

A special technology fabric that is anti-bacterial , odor-resistant and can perfectly protect the men's golden triangle area.


  • Modal Fiber 75%
  • Spandex 5%
  • Bamboo Charcoal Fiber 5%
  • Tourmaline Powder & Fiber 5%
  • Germanium & Far Infrared Powder & Fiber 5%
  • Nano Silver Powder & Fiber 5%


  • Helps in improving men's vitality and fertility
  • Helps in getting harder erections
  • Helps maintain prostate health
  • Helps in reducing back pain due to kidney deficiency
  • Helps in reducing frequent urination, painful urination and maple syrup urine disease.
  • Helps improving blood circulation surrounding vitals areas
  • Helps in sexual dysfunction & disorder
  • Helps in improving quantity and qualities of sperm
  • Helps in eliminating bacteria
  • Helps in eliminating bacteria
  • Helps in increasing blood oxygen
  • Helps in absorbing involuntary loss of urine

Download Product E-Catalog

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Washing Instructions:

  • Simply hand wash with mild detergent and water below 40℃.
  • Avoid twisting or folding during drying to protect the shape.
  • Do not expose under the sun.