Relieve your neck complains with our 4-in-1 contents Nano Neck Belt!

The First and Only One in the World

MGI Nano Neck Belt is equipped with Far Infrared (FIR) attribute, Nano Silver, Organic Germanium, and also negative ion. It has numerous stone grains which contain high far infrared that can provide relaxation effect to neck muscles.

Primary benefits

of MGI Nano Neck Belt :

  • Assisting to protect from cervical, shoulder, and vertebra inflammation, sore neck, pins and needles, and other symptoms
  • Assisting to release anion to purify blood to active cells and assisting to enhance body pH balance
  • Assisting to enhance oxygen supply around your neck and head
  • Assisting self-heating function to relieve muscular stiffness
  • Assisting to reduce shoulder pain
  • Assisting to improve sleeping quality

How to wash and maintain

of the MGI Nano Neck Belt :

  • Don't wash it with a washing machine
  • Soak in water using mild soap (recommended mild baby soap)
  • Gently brush the surface and the inside of the Nano Belt using a toothbrush that has been smeared with soap
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

Download Product E-Catalog

 E-Catalog pdf

After downloaded (android users) find the pdf at files > docs